michelangelo marble: michael angelo marble is the flagship product of RMS Stonex

michelangelo marble

michelangelo marble

₹500 / square feet

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product description

product title

michelangelo marble


₹500 / square feet










flooring, stairs

packaging details

wooden crates, pallets

country of origin


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michelangelo marble durability

Michelangelo marble is the hardest marble. The long-term durability of Michelangelo marble requires no maintenance. Michelangelo marble is zero cavity marble. Michelangelo marble slabs do not require any surface treatment. Only Michelangelo marble is cut and simply polished.

michelangelo marble surface finish

michelangelo marble surface finish is mirror finish.The surface reading of Michelangelo marble slab in gloss meter is highest of all marbles.

michelangelo marble quarry

Michelangelo marble mines are in the European country of Portugal.rms stonex is top importer of Michelangelo marble block in india from Portugal. rms stonex is Michelangelo marble best dealer and Michelangelo marble wholesaler in all around india.

michelangelo marble price details

the price of michael angelo marble is INR 400 / square feet. the thickness of the michael angelo marble slab is 2CM. the surface of michael angelo marble is polished. the color of michael angelo marble is white. michael angelo marble is used for flooring, stairs etc. the origin of michael angelo marble is portugal. The minimum order quantity required to purchase michael angelo marble is 2500 / square feet.

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kishangarh, Rajasthan



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frequently asked questions about michelangelo marble

who is michelangelo marble best dealer and top wholesale dealer in india?

rms stonex has the largest collection of michelangelo marbles in all over India. for this reason rms stonex is the best dealer of michelangelo marbles.

where can I get the best price for michelangelo marble in india?

best price of michelangelo marble in india is available at rms stonex.

how to get the michelangelo marble room portage?

contact rms stonex for michelangelo marble room portage.

who michelangelo marble best dealer?

rms stonex has over 400 michelangelo marble lots available at all times, making rms stonex the best michelangelo marble dealer.

Where to find best Michelangelo marble in India Best quality Michelangelo marble at lowest price?

best quality Michelangelo Marble at lowest price Michelangelo Marble in India is available at RMS Stonex.

what is color of michelangelo marble?

the color of michelangelo marble is white.

how is surface of michelangelo marble?

the surface of michelangelo marble is polished.

what is origin of michelangelo marble?

the origin of michelangelo marble is portugal.

what is usage of michelangelo marble?

the usage of michelangelo marble is flooring, stairs etc.

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